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"Climbing Higher and Reaching Lower to Empower Others"
July 12-13, 2022
Homestead Youth Association
Pennsauken, New Jersey

Committees and Members Responsibilities

Benefits Committee Provide:

  • Represents, involves and serves members of the chapter

  • Serves as a development tool & opportunity for emerging leaders

  • Processes information and provides guidance to the Executive Committee to make decisions

  • Increases and enhances communication throughout the chapter

  • Completes tasks and reaches goals effectively as a group

Role of Committee Member:

  • Understand committee's purpose and its relation to Sorority and Chapter objectives

  • Set personal goals for committee service that embrace the committee's objectives

  • Report to committee chair as necessary

  • Work with other committee members to carry out assigned tasks

Role of Committee Chair:

  • Schedule and attend committee meetings

  • Sets clear and measurable goals, expectations, and deadlines

  • Be a self-starter and take the initiative to begin a project

  • Recognize group dynamics and be open-minded about new ideas

  • Guide the committee to set expectations and accomplish goals

  • Communicate committee efforts to the chapter at each meeting

  • The committee chair serves as a counselor, motivator, leader, and presiding officer

  • Facilitate and participate in committee meeting

  • Empower committee members

  • Understand committee's purpose and its relation to the Sorority and chapter objectives

  • Exercise leadership: acquire attention, inspire other, and control without dominating

Sororal Fun Fun Facts...

I am one of nine siblings.

nyleuqcaj  nosreffej

I have experienced in my college year, specifically freshman year of getting in the newspaper and on the local news.

arbed  nadroj

When I was in the 6th grade, our end of the year trip was to Washington, DC.  I had a 3-piece outfit that included a halter top.  Once I got onto the bus I took off the jacket so everyone could see the halter top.  My Mom never knew that I kept the jacket off the whole trip. My Mom would have been horrified!

ellehcim  nodrog

I was president of every House in the Eastern Star in New Jersey.

airolg  snivib

I like to sing and dance.

egnatl  rednaxela

I gave the graduation speech as class president in 9th grade.

nairaj  maharg

I was in Girl Scout from 3rd to 12th grade and  Service Unit Manager of Camden City Girl Scouts.

norahs  nella 

I was a full time teacher, pregnant, took two graduate classes in New Jersey and one in Maryland in the same semester.

assenav  sniknej

I have traveled to more than 20 States of the 50 States in the USA and 2 countries out of the USA.

asil  nosnhoj

Awesome Sisterhood Ice-Breaker!

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