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"To Foster a Spirit of Sisterhood Among Teachers and to Promote the Highest Ideals of the Teaching Profession"

Pursuit of Excellence: Challenge to Fulfill

The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Incorporated, Eta Chapter is committed to the ideals set forth by our Founders. We wish to continue their legacy and address the problems and issues that are a part of our modern society.  Our Teach-A-Ramas are designed to address the concerns of teachers, parents, and administrators.  As we look towards the future, we must remember that our purpose is: To stimulate professional growth among teachers, foster a spirit of true sisterhood, promote the highest ideals of the teaching profession, and encourage the development of the potential of our youth.  A great and unknown future lies before us.  We will embrace it with devotion love, and patience as we continue to educate our children, the community, and ourselves.

National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Incorporated

"To Foster a Spirit of Sisterhood Among Teachers and to Promote the Highest Ideals of the Teaching Profession"

Eta Chapter-Camden, New Jersey


                                          Women’s History Month

                                               “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories”











                                                                       (Four Charter Members Not Pictured)   

As I reflect on 96 years, I think about the first nine members of Eta’s Chapter.


I imagine they would be excited, emotional, grateful, enthusiastic, proud, delighted, and just appreciative to see, hear, and feel that their vision has evolved. The mission continues  “To Foster a Spirit of Sisterhood Among Teachers and To Promote the Highest Ideals of the Teaching Profession.”


Eta continues to be blessed with strong, creative, and innovative leadership. We will continue to embrace the future with love, respect, communication, and patience. We will also continue to educate our youth, the community, and ourselves.


Let us spotlight all the Women in Eta Chapter past and present. We stand on the shoulders of accomplished and outstanding achievers to whom we are deeply grateful.


Eta’s Women are bold, empowering leaders, flexible, adaptable, and have successfully risen to the occasion in any situation.


Our notable “Three Golden Seniors” must be spotlighted. They continue to share their knowledge and wisdom. Getting a history lesson about Eta, “back in the day” is always intriguing!


Eta Chapter members bring unique talents and skills which enable us to achieve our goals.

Eta Charter Members

Eta’s Charter Day – March 5, 1927

Eta Chapter was charted on March 5, 1927. This event took place at the Catherine Street YMCA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sisters from Alpha and Beta Chapters were responsible for Eta’s Chartering.

Omega Chapter Gloria Bivins
Golden Soror Patricia E. Cook
Golden Soror Elwyne Wilson
Gloria Bivins-Omega Chapter 11/2023
Patricia E. Cook
Elwyne Wilson
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