"To Foster a Spirit of Sisterhood Among Teachers and to Promote the Highest Ideals of the Teaching Profession"

Pursuit of Excellence: Challenge to Fulfill

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1st Row:  Patricia E. Cook, Sharon Allen, Patricia Griffin-Greenhow, L'Tange Alexander, Jacquelyn Jefferson, Michele Gordon
2nd Row:  Jarian R. Graham, Lisa Johnson, Dr. Dorothea Atkins, Dr. Maryanne Alexander, Sturae Meyers, Elizabeth Williams, Shirley Cooper-Fullard, Sharon Andres-Jackson, Ronda Brown 
3rd Row:  Melanie Martin, Danielle Montague, Cheryl A. F. Shelton, Debra Jordan

Sorors not pictured:
Regina Andrews-Collette, Gloria Bivins, Aleah Braxton, Joyce Carter, Gladys Cooper, Pia Garbutt, Cheri Graham, Costella Grant, Vanessa Jenkins, Adrena Johnson, Minretta McFadden, Martha Meyers, Elwyne Wilson

The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Incorporated, Eta Chapter is committed to the ideals set forth by our Founders. We wish to continue their legacy and address the problems and issues that are a part of our modern society.  Our Teach-A-Ramas are designed to address the concerns of teachers, parents, and administrators.  As we look towards the future, we must remember that our purpose is: To stimulate professional growth among teachers, foster a spirit of true sisterhood, promote the highest ideals of the teaching profession, and encourage the development of the potential of our youth.  A great and unknown future lies before us.  We will embrace it with devotion love, and patience as we continue to educate our children, the community, and ourselves.

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